The Canadian Ocean Literacy Survey has now launched. This survey is intended for the COLC community to share with their extended networks to gather these broader perspectives and experiences. This survey will also be open to any Canadian who is interested in, curious about, and/or wanting to contribute to this national conversation on ocean literacy.

For COLC member organizations and others participating in the regional ocean literacy mapping process, they are engaging in a separate survey, as well as interviews, and/or focus groups/sharing circles.

Findings from the Canadian Ocean Literacy Survey, together with results from the ocean literacy mapping process, will contribute to the development of goals and recommendations for improving ocean literacy in Canada. Results will also help to measure changes in ocean literacy in Canada over time, and will help Canada to prepare to engage in, and contribute to, the international UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

Take the COLSurvey here

The survey will take you approximately 10 minutes to to complete.  Your voice matters!

To share this survey with your networks and communities, please use this link:  and the hashtag #COLSurvey – that’s us!

Thank you!