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Canadian Ocean Literacy Map and Database

The Map is designed to connect Canadians to ocean literacy initiatives, programs, events, opportunities, stories, and resources from coast to coast to coast. The platform was built and initially populated using data compiled during the Understanding Ocean Literacy in Canada study (2019-2020). It represents an important resource for Canada’s growing ocean literacy community of practice.

Since the launch of the National Strategy in March 2021, organizations and communities are adding their ocean literacy initiatives to the Map through the Canadian Ocean Action Streams Tracker (C.O.A.S.T.), providing a way to share their project with Canadians and to network with other projects in different regions. C.O.A.S.T. also enables COLC to track these organizational or community-led initiatives as part of the National Strategy Impact Framework throughout the Ocean Decade.

As ocean literacy in Canada continues to grow, the Map and Database will evolve to reflect this growth.

Use the Map’s filters and zoom functions and select coloured icons to reveal detailed information about each initiative. You can also search and browse ocean literacy initiatives directly in the Database below.