Science Literacy Week highlights Canada’s outstanding scientists and science communicators from coast to coast to coast. For one week in September, Science Literacy Week partners showcase how exciting Canadian science is. Libraries, universities, museums, and other partners all come together to host this nationwide festival of science.

In 2019, Science Literacy Week is partnering with ocean groups across Canada to bring together the largest ocean engagement and outreach event. This collaborative event highlights ocean research, ocean health, challenges facing ocean communities and wildlife, and ways we can all help at home.

To register an event with Science Literacy Week 2019 (September 16-22), click here.

For this year’s edition of Science Literacy Week, the COLC helped develop a series of educational posters highlighting various ocean-related themes and issues. This work was led by the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and design partner, Microfiches.

To view the posters, click on the images below.