Event Details

  • Date

    October 20

  • Location

    Victoria, BC & Online

  • Time

    12:00pm - 1:15pm PST

  • Audience type

    Schools, Teachers

  • Language


BCScTA Catalyst Hybrid Conference 2023

Ocean, Freshwater & Us giant floor map: An AR-enabled field trip


Imagine walking on a giant map, following the local river all the way to the ocean. What connections could you make? What questions would you ask about the places you observe? Join the Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition and Ocean Week Canada partners as we explore the foundational connections between ourselves and the water that surrounds and sustains us.


This life-sized cartographic lens of the ‘Ocean, Freshwater and Us’ giant map, will help students experience their connection to coastal areas, the ocean, and watersheds in Canada. The giant floor map in combination with the augmented reality (AR) app enhances classroom learning and inspires thinking, enabling learners to discover aquatic ecosystems in Canada through immersive, multisensory self-directed inquiry.


This interactive workshop aims to familiarize educators with the use of the AR app and highlight the accompanying curriculum-linked learning materials to collectively bring learning to life across the middle to early high school years programs.



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