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UN Ocean Decade: 2021-2030

What is the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development?

The Ocean Decade provides an opportunity and common framework for the global community to work together to transform ocean-climate knowledge into action that ensures the sustainable and equitable use, management, and conservation of the ocean for current and future generations.

What role does Ocean Literacy play in the Decade?

The global ocean literacy community has an essential role to play in the Decade – to transform society’s relationship with the ocean. Improved public understanding of the ocean and the life-sustaining role that it plays is essential to achieving global commitments to sustainable development by 2030 and beyond. Inspiring behaviour change and action in all citizens is required to ensure a healthy ocean for current and future generations. 

Ways COLC’s project office team is contributing to the Decade

Here in Canada

  • COLC’s National Lead, Diz Glithero, serves on Canada’s Community of Champions for the Decade  
  • Canada is the first country with a national ocean literacy strategy – as we implement the Strategy, we advance ocean literacy and engagement here in Canada 
  • COLC leads the national coordination of Ocean Week Canada, an annual celebration of ocean events, learning, and engagement
  • COLC led a co-design workshop series to develop an Ocean Decade Campaign for young people in Canada – Coastal Connection Challenge with ECOP Canada, MEOPAR and other partners