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Ocean Literacy With All

Picture of Advancing Canada's ocean literacy work globally
Advancing Canada's ocean literacy work globally

What is Ocean Literacy With All?

Ocean Literacy With All (OLWA) is a Decade endorsed programme led by IOC-UNESCO, together with a global team of partners, including COLC. OLWA aims to advance ocean literacy through designing and implementing transformative locally and globally relevant research-based activities and projects by and for diverse stakeholders. During the first two years (2021-2023), this programme will focus on:

  1. Developing a global ocean literacy research programme (which the OLRC initiative is part)
  2. Strengthening the global ocean literacy community through targeted networking activities
  3. Supporting diverse stakeholders to engage in ocean literacy through specific training programmes
  4. Supporting the incorporation of ocean literacy across all Decade Programmes to promote and advance ocean literacy

Ocean Literacy: History & Future

OLWA Factsheet 
OLWA Framework for Action 
State-of-the-art of
ocean literacy
A New Blue Curriculum

Canada's Contribution

COLC’s National Lead, Diz Glithero, serves on the OLWA Steering Committee and is the co-lead of Component #2: OL Research.

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OLWA is a UN Decade endorsed programme.