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Our Projects

Priority Areas​

As we work together to implement and advance the Canadian Ocean Literacy Strategy, our projects are collaborative and national in scope, focusing on three priority areas: Education & Engagement, Research & Impact, Leadership & Advocacy. Click on the 3 boxes below to explore the corresponding key initiatives.

Key Initiatives

Research & Impact

Global Ocean Literacy Survey (GOLS)

Global Ocean Literacy Survey (GOLS) What is the Global Ocean Literacy Survey?   The Global Ocean Literacy Survey (GOLS) aims to standardize ways to best measure patterns and changes in public ocean perceptions, values, attitudes, and behavioural intentions; and the

Leadership & Advocacy

Vision 2030 & the Challenge 10 Whitepaper

Vision 2030 & the Challenge 10 Whitepaper The UN Ocean Decade The United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, often referred to as the “UN Ocean Decade,” is a global initiative launched by the United Nations. The Ocean Decade

Research & Impact

National Strategy Impact Measurement Program

The Strategy promotes 9 specific Action Streams. The collective impact of these Action Streams is intended to achieve the three overarching Strategy goals. Measuring outputs and impact of these Action Streams should provide leading indicators of progress towards the Strategy’s three goals. Annual Impact reports collectively provide a snapshot of the state of Ocean Literacy in Canada and help to reveal trends and progress throughout the UN Ocean Decade, and beyond.

Education & Engagement

Fish Tales

From coast to coast to coast, and the waterways in between, Fish Tales is a podcast series bringing you real stories from the diverse fishers of Canada. Whether it’s cod, salmon, crab, or trout, fishing is more than just a way of life to diverse communities in Canada — it’s a culture, and most importantly a core sense of identity to coastal, lake, and river peoples.

Research & Impact

Public Perceptions Research

Public Perceptions Research related to the ocean (and all waterways that flow to it) focuses on understanding how individuals perceive, value, and use ocean resources; as well as their concerns, beliefs, and priorities…

Leadership & Advocacy

National & International Presentations

COLC lead staff are regularly invited to present at national and international conferences, forums, and events to highlight the ocean literacy work being done in Canada and to help advocate for the relevance and advancement of ocean literacy globally.

Leadership & Advocacy

All-Atlantic Ocean Research and Innovation Alliance

The All-Atlantic Ocean multi-stakeholder platform is made up of experts from northern and southern Atlantic countries, including academia, industry, funding agencies and NGOs, and is divided into 5 sub-multi-stakeholder platforms.

Research & Impact

Ocean Literacy Dialogues

The aim of the Ocean Literacy Dialogues series is to co-organize public events that enable knowledge exchange across different geographical and socio-cultural contexts, and that catalyze action as we work together to achieve the overarching goal of the UN Ocean Decade (2021-2030)

Education & Engagement

ECOP Canada

ECOP Canada is the Canadian network for the Global ECOP program, endorsed by the UN Ocean Decade. ECOP Canada aims to achieve intergenerational equity by strengthening the diverse voices of early career ocean professionals across all ocean fields in Canada with meaningful networking and development opportunities.

Education & Engagement

Ocean Literacy Community Grants

Identified as a priority action in the Canadian Ocean Literacy Strategy, COLC together with their national team of partners were delighted to launch the Ocean Literacy Community Grants program in winter 2023. This program provides more accessible funding opportunities for community-driven ocean literacy initiatives that are regionally, culturally, and linguistically relevant.

Education & Engagement

Ocean Week Canada

Ocean Week Canada is an annual national celebration of ocean events, learning, and engagement held during the week of World Ocean Day (June 8). Through public events and activities held in cities and communities, from coast to coast to coast, we recognize the important role the ocean plays in our everyday lives and how local waterways connect us all with the ocean and each other.

Education & Engagement

Blue Schools Canada

Blue Schools Canada serves as the Canadian node within the All-Atlantic Blue Schools Network (AA-BSN), a global initiative launched in 2021 that connects schools located in countries along the Atlantic Ocean.