Blue Schools Canada

Advancing Action Stream #3
Advancing Action Stream #3

Blue Schools Canada

In June 2021, the All-Atlantic Blue Schools Network (AA-BSN) was formally launched. The AA-BSN is one of six All-Atlantic joint pilot actions which comprise the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance

Canada is part of the above Alliance and we are in the early stages of establishing a Blue Schools Network here in Canada. 2022 marks our pilot year! 

What is a Blue School?

A Blue School is any classroom or school that engages students in learning projects that deepen ocean understanding, raise awareness about ocean issues, and involve local community initiatives that inspire action to restore and ensure a healthy ocean for current and future generations. 

Don’t let the name ‘All-Atlantic’ fool you! All schools across Canada from coast to coast to coast can be part of the Blue Schools Canada Network. And don’t let the word ‘ocean’ fool you! Inland schools and teachers who are engaging students in learning about local waterways and watersheds, all of which connect us to each other and the ocean, are as important as coastal schools! 

Message from AA-BSN Governance Board member and Canadian National Coordinator, Diz Glithero
Watch the AA-BSN Launch event from June 2021
Learn more about Blue School criteria

Be Inspired

École Bleue in Sainte Agnès, Rimouski, Québec
Projet École de la Mer, Sainte-Luce, Québec
Ocean School – a virtual Blue School made in Canada! 
New Blue Curriculum (IOC-UNESCO publication)
All Atlantic Talks Podcast: Blue Schools & Ocean Literacy

Get Involved

Blue Schools Canada (BSC) Working Group (est. in November 2021)

  • Diz Glithero – National Lead and AA-BSN Governance Board
  • Jae Williams – National Education Coordinator (COLC)
  • Meghan Callon – Communications Lead (COLC)
  • Lyne Morissette, PhD – marine scientist, communicator, educator
  • Ariane Shaw – Director, CaNOE
  • Heather De Lagran – Education Producer, Ocean School
  • Kerri McPherson – High School Teacher, Halifax Regional School Board
  • Tara Donaghy & Nancy Smith – Science Outreach, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Noemie Roy – Parks Canada 
  • Jennifer Putland – High School Teacher, Victoria School District

Interested in joining the Working Group or learning more?


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