Ocean Literacy Dialogues

Advancing Action Stream #5
Advancing Action Stream #5


The Ocean Literacy Dialogues series is a global collaboration led by the Ocean Literacy With All community – a UN Ocean Decade-endorsed program coordinated by IOC-UNESCO. The aim of the Ocean Literacy Dialogues series is to co-organize public events that enable knowledge exchange across different geographical and socio-cultural contexts, and that catalyze action as we work together to achieve the overarching goal of the UN Ocean Decade (2021-2030): to ‘change humanity’s relationship with the ocean.’ This is the essence of ocean literacy.

Ocean Literacy Dialogue series:


The Fifth International Marine Protected Areas Congress (IMPAC5) provides an ideal opportunity for the third edition of the Ocean Literacy Dialogues series. As the global community comes together to inform, inspire, and act on ocean conservation, every sector of society – from individuals to institutions, schools to businesses, communities to governments, academia to media – has a role to play in ensuring a healthy ocean for current and future generations.

By bridging IMPAC5 conversations and actions with in-person (in Vancouver) and virtual public outreach and engagement, we can galvanize broader understanding and support for ocean conservation.



As co-hosts, the Canadian Ocean Literacy Coalition, IOC-UNESCO, and the Marine Social Sciences Network (MarSocSci) are working together with the international ocean literacy community to co-organize the Ocean Literacy Dialogues third edition as an official side event at IMPAC5. The program will consist of three central streams:

  • Ocean Literacy Research

  • Ocean Education

  • Ocean Art & Storytelling

Stream 1: Ocean Literacy Research

Stream 2: Ocean Education

Stream 3: Ocean Art & Storytelling

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