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Event Details

  • Date

    October 20

  • Location

    Garden City Collegiate, VIRTUALLY, and at OFF-SITE locations

  • Time

    8:00 AM - 4:00 PM CDT

  • Audience type

    Schools, Teachers

  • Language


Science Teachers Association of Manitoba (STAM) – PD Day 2023

Ocean, Freshwater & Us: The Giant Floor Map and Augmented Reality Experience


Imagine walking on a giant map, following the local river all the way to the ocean. What connections could you make? What questions would you ask about the places you observe?


Join us for an interactive session where we will explore the connections between ourselves and the water that surrounds and sustains us. We will investigate locally relevant aquatic topics where the giant floor map can serve as an instructional tool such as biodiversity, ecosystems, water systems, ocean-climate action, and more.


Additionally, we will discover how immersive technologies, such as augmented reality, can be used to facilitate an inquiry-based approach and inspire all who experience learning on/with the map to take action, ensuring healthy ocean and freshwater systems for future generations. **This is a BYOD facilitated session. A smart device (Android/ iPad iOS) will enable access to the immersive augmented reality experience.** Download the App at



The STAM MTS 2023 Professional Learning Conference takes place Friday, October 20, with sessions at Garden City Collegiate, VIRTUALLY, and at OFF-SITE locations.



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